Treatments that Aaron routinely provides

Aaron offers safe and uncomplicated operations, supported by safe practice and rigorous appraisal and training.

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Varicose Veins

“I felt very assured with your positive care and advice: brilliant work on my legs” Jill

Varicose veins:

Aaron performs more than a thousand minimally invasive vein treatments per year. He has one of the most experienced vein surgeons in the world and is the largest provider of endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) privately in the UK.

EVLT has proven itself superior to other vein treatments over the past two decades and is the recommended treatment of choice in current NICE guidelines.

The first EVLT in London was performed in University College London with Aaron as the Senior Registrar assisting. It was so much better and less painful than stripping veins. He pioneered its use in his local NHS hospital at Lewisham. He provided the service for those living in Bromley, Orpington, Sidcup and Greenwich. He produced a centre of excellence that trained many surgeons, both in the UK and internationally. As The Clinical Director of Surgery he ensured access for all in this new and groundbreaking treatment. He was the first surgeon to introduce this treatment to hospitals in South East London.

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Hernia Repair:

Aaron prefers open hernia repair for abdominal hernias. He was trained as a laparoscopic surgeon (keyhole surgery) and performed hundreds of these operations. He feels open mesh repair is a safer option.

Open repair of abdominal hernia is the recommended option by N.I.C.E.- and independent organization that evaluates various surgical treatments. Aaron feels that open repair is a safer more effective repair that has very few serious complications. Laparoscopic or keyhole surgery has its advantages but the serious disadvantage is that sharp instruments need to be inserted into the abdomen to repair the hernia from within. This has led to serious complications when bowel, bladder or blood vessels have been damaged. Aaron, as the vascular surgeon on call for London, has had to repair many of these misadventures. Simple problems should have simple solutions with the absolute minimal level of risk. The airline industry have almost mastered this, the health industry is sadly far behind.

Hernia Repair

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Skin mole, tag and cyst removal

Skin mole, tag and cyst removal:

Although the NHS mostly ignores these procedures, they cause considerable stress and discomfort for patients. Safe removal and minimal scarring is the objective and most of these can be removed as a walkin walk-out procedure.

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Thread veins:

Aaron normally uses sclerotherapy to treat thread veins. His preferred chemical is Fibrovein (trademark) 0.2%

There are many treatment options for threads, which tells you that none is perfect. He has used lasers and IPL (intense pulsed light) but found the results inconsistent.

Veinwave (trademark),which is an electro-treatment iseffective for smaller veins such as those on the face. Sclerotherapy involves injecting a chemical into a small vein via a micro-needle, similar to a needle used in acupuncture. It is virtually painless. The trick is to damage the irritating vein without annoying the surrounding skin. It takes years to perfect a good technique and excellent results are solely down to the person doing the sclerotherapy. Aaron does all his own sclerotherapy. It is normal to have two or three treatment sessions to get rid of thread veins.

Thread veins

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