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More than


Aaron Sweeney FRCS Consultant Surgeon

Aaron performs more than a
thousand minimally invasive vein
treatments per year and is the
largest provider of endovenous
laser treatment (EVLT) privately
in the UK.

He is a specialist
microsclerotherapist with a
special interest in cosmetic
thread veins.

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Making your life easier

Varicous veins, hernias, skin tags and moles may not often be life threatening but they can be painful, unsightly and really affect your confidence and quality of life. With minimally invasive, easily accessible treatments now available there is no longer any need to suffer.

Aaron Sweeney is here to help

Aaron Sweeney FRCS is a registered Consultant Surgeon offering the latest treatments at a variety of venues across the South East and Kent. He pioneered the minimally invasive endovenous laser treatment and worked to create hospital departments to roll out these ground breaking treatments.

He and his team have the extensive experience and care to ensure your patient experience is safe, easy to understand, straight forward and successful. Contact Lauren or Audrey for an initial chat.

Keep it simple, keep it safe and always available

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Your Patient Journey

arrow 1. Contact Aaron at the office or any hospital he works in. Book an appointment no doctor’s letter is needed.

arrow 2. Choose an appointment that suits you Monday to Saturday

arrow 3. Your consultation will be with Aaron. He will discuss in an easy to understand
manner, what is available and what he recommends.

arrow 4. Any surgery or treatment/investigation will be fully explained and any costs
outlined in full pre treatment—no surprise bills

arrow 5. Aaron shares all his notes and correspondence with you. Any
correspondence goes to you and you can choose whom to share it with.

arrow 6. There is no pressure placed on you to have treatment. He is there to advise
you, give you your options and allow you to choose your own pathway

arrow 7. After treatment you will have Aaron’s mobile number and multiple other contact details, so should any questions arise you will have quick answers!

You are free to get back to living your life to the full!

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The Services Aaron Provides

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Varicose Veins

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Hernia Repair

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Skin Mole, Tag & Cyst Removal

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Thread veins

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